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 About Annie Fu       


Annie Fu is an artist originally from Taiwan, known for her oil plein air paintings that capture the beauty of the Pacific Northwest landscapes. Annie was born and raised in Taipei, where she was exposed to Taiwan's rich culture and traditions. From a young age, she showed a keen interest in art, and her family encouraged her to pursue her passion.

After completing college, Annie moved to San Francisco to study fine art.  During her time there, she was introduced to the plein air painting style, which would become a major influence on her artwork. She was fascinated by the Impressionist painters and their ability to capture the fleeting beauty of the natural world.

After graduating with an MFA in Visual Development from The Academy of Art University., Annie moved to Seattle, Washington, where she settled and began establishing herself as an artist. The lush forests and rugged coastlines of the Pacific Northwest provided her with endless inspiration for her paintings.

In addition to her career as an artist, Annie is also a dedicated elementary art teacher. She believes that everyone has the potential to be an artist and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise with others. She has taught art classes for children in the Seattle area and is beloved by her students for her patience and encouragement.

Annie’s paintings are characterized by their loose, expressive brushwork and vibrant use of color. She uses the oil medium to capture the texture and light of the natural world, creating paintings that are both beautiful and evocative.

Award and Certification

Third Place of Issaquah Plein-air Painting Competition,2022

Second Place of Issaquah Plein-air Painting Competition.2021

Third Place of Issaquah Plein-air Painting Competition, 2019

Third Place of Plein-air painting competition"Plein air by the Bay" WA,2018

First Place of Le Arti della Festa Itaiana Seattle- Oil painting, FIESTA ITALIANA. 2017

First Runner-up English picture audiobook – Children’s book - ’’Emma and Mimi ’’NTNU, 2009

Special award of Graduation Exhibition – Children’s book - ‘’A rabbit without incisor’’ NTNU, 2012





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